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The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Pacific Paradise of Guam by Luke Scott Fernandez

a man standing next to a body of water
Collecting Coconuts in Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a group of people in a pool of water
Pacific Paradise of Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a group of palm trees
Palm Tree Paradise of Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a sunset over a body of water
Magical Sunsets in Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a turtle swimming underwater
Swimming with Sea Turtles in Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

Travel Tip: If you are exploring Guam, always bring extra clothes, towels, slippers (flip-flops) and if you see a local “mom and pop” store, stop in and buy local snacks. They are usually located in front of the register area.

a person standing on a beach
Exploring Paradise in the Pacific © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a group of people on a beach
Beach Life in Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a person standing next to a body of water
Hidden Gems of Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

Top 10 Things To Do in Guam

a person with a sunset in the background
Paddleboarding on the Ocean © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a flock of seagulls flying in the sky
Dolphins of Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

1. Watch the Sunrise at Marbo Cave Cliffs

Marbo Cave Cliffs offers an amazing view of the ocean on the east side of the island. It feels like you are tucked away from the world in this spot. The cliff line is a must-see if you want to experience a beautiful Guam sunrise.

2. Relax on the Beach at Tumon Bay

If you are into lounging around and sipping drinks on the beach then this is the place for you! Tumon Bay is where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. It’s a great place to watch the sunset, go paddleboarding and snorkeling. If you are super lucky you might run into some stingrays.

a fish swimming under water
Eagle Rays of Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

3. Take in a Magical Sunset at Priest Pools

Priest Pools are an interesting set of natural pools in the middle of grassy lands that overlook the ocean. It’s an amazing spot for sunset but if you do watch sunset from here, bring a flashlight so you can find your way back.

4. Pick up Snacks from Buenas Market in Yona

If you are visiting or passing by Yona and you see Buenas Market then pull in and buy some snacks. Buy pickled eggs, pickled mango, pickled papaya and pickled daigu (raddish). These are must-have snacks on the go.

5. Discover the Beaches of Ritidian & Urunao

These beach areas are close to each other and are some of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. They are located on the northern side of Guam and have the softest and whitest sand on the island. You are so far away from everything that you forget about the worries of the world. Travel Tip: There is no food or drink stands around, so pack a bag with snacks.

6. Enjoy a Beverage at the Bar of Gun Beach

The Beach is one the best places in Guam to hangout with friends, enjoy a cold beverage and watch the sunset by the sea. I personally watch the sunset here almost everyday. It’s definitely a favorite place of mine.

an island in the middle of a body of water
Swimming at Gun Beach © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
Drone Shot of Gun Beach © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

7. Shop around the Chamorro Village Market

Chamorro Village Market happens every Wednesday night in Hagatna (the capital village). There is food, music, dancing and local shops you can look around. Travel Tip: Bring cash with you and go between 4:30pm – 8:30pm.

8. Jump into the Sea at Merizo Pier

Merizo Pier is a fun place to hangout, take photos and jump off into the sea when hanging out with friends. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset if you find yourself down south during that time on your visit to Guam.

9. Pop into Pop’s Bakeshop for a Cream Cheese Roll

Pop’s Bakeshop in Agat not only has one of the best cream cheese rolls on the island but they also serve rolls with regular cheese and taro cream cheese too! I recommend waking at 5am and heading down to Agat to grab a box of treats. You can always exercise the rolls off later on your trip!

10. Grab a Donut from Crown Bakery in Guam

Crown Bakery in Mangilao has the best fresh donuts on the island. Make sure you get the glazed donuts and go between 6am – 8am or 4pm – 6pm. Again, you will be doing plenty of swimming, walking and hiking on your trip to Guam so don’t feel too bad about treating yourself to a donut or two!

Melting Pot of Cultures in Guam

Guam is a melting pot of cultures from all over Micronesia, Asia and America. The native culture of Guam is the Chamoru culture and it has a strong Spanish influence. The native people were once colonized by Spain.

The cultural belief of “inafa’ maolek” – which consists of values such as respect, relationships and communal responsibilities – is the foundation for the Chamoru culture. Family plays a big role in the culture as many live in multigenerational homes, as well as maintaining family connections that extend not only from immediate families but to third and fourth cousins.

Other cultural practices such as singing, dancing, religion, food and storytelling help create connections and bonds with one another. These traditions also help pass down the culture from generation to generation.

The best way to immerse yourself in the culture is to befriend locals, shop local, eat local, ask questions and if you get invited to a fiesta, go! You can also read more on the Chamoru culture and history via this link.

a sunset over a body of water
Locals Paddling on the Water © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)
a sunset over a body of water
Fisherman Returning at Sunset in Guam © Luke Scott Fernandez (@lostwithlukes)

Travel Tip: Most places accept credit or debit cards, but other small businesses only accept cash. Be sure to have cash when visiting Guam.