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Beach Bar Summer Games

Interested in spicing up your summer vacation with prizes, and maybe even some cash?  Then head to Guam and join us this summer for The Beach Bar’s Summer Games.

For 9 weeks, beginning July 8 and ending September 3, locals, vacationers and military personnel stationed on Guam will have the opportunity to compete for cash and other prizes provided by Baldyga Group.

Competitions are entered by teams of 4 every Saturday during the competition period.  The 4 categories of competitions include a physical challenge, an eating competition, games of chance, and brain challenges.

Not interested in competing in the games?  Spectators have a chance to win prizes through a raffle held every Saturday during the competition.  Raffle tickets are given out for every Bud product purchased.

So what can you win?

Every week $1000 cash is awarded, as is thousands of dollars worth of other prizes.

Every team that wins an individual event is automatically entered in the final competition. Why should you stick around for that? Well, the prize for winning the final even is $10,000.

Want to know more? Check out the official rules here. Then head over to our Facebook page for updates.

See you in Guam!