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Is Guam Safe for Travelers?


The short answer is Yes! Guam is as safe as anywhere in the continental USA.

Come On In! The Water Is Fine!

International Politics

It’s a well-known “secret” that the U.S. military is increasing its presence on Guam. Guam is the most strategic military holding in the southwest Pacific, close to key locations in southeast Asia such as North Korea and China. Currently there are no known reasons for Guam to be a target of hostility. There was a scare in the summer of 2017, but few believed war would actually break out between North Korea and the United States. (The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was probably more frightening.) In any event, the threat passed. Trump and Kim Jong-un were sitting together in Singapore less than a year later.


In all your travels, you should take regular precautions against crime. Guam is no different from any place in the United States in this regard. Don’t carry large amounts of cash on you, keep your passport locked in your hotel safe, and be careful on dark streets at night. If you do experience any problems, contact the Guam Police Department at (671) 472-8911.


Guam enjoys the same sanitation as the rest of the United States, making it safe to drink the water without fear of Montezuma’s revenge. The CDC recommends all travelers within the states be current on vaccinations, and if you are an “adventurous eater,” get a typhoid shot before coming to Guam. (No worries at any of our fine dinner cruises, dinner shows, or beach BBQ grills, though! TaoTao Tasi is exciting but the food is perfectly safe!)

Expectant mothers will be pleased to know that there have been no cases of Zika virus on Guam, though there are mosquitoes here. In case of any emergency, go to Guam Memorial Hospital (671) 647-2555/2554

Typhoons & Tsunamis

We’ve written before that typhoon warnings are a normal part of Guam life. Fortunately, typhoons are predictable. Storms usually occur between June and September, so check the news for weather updates. See the Guam Guide’s Guide to Typhoon Readiness for more information.

Tsunamis, on the other hand, can occur at any time of year, even if an earthquake strikes on the other side of the ocean (as happened in 2010, without damage to Guam) but this is true for any coastal destination. Tsunami evacuation routes are indicated with blue signage on major roads. Check here for current advisory warnings.


Really? Are we still talking about this? We’ve said it before: there may be snakes in the jungle here, but no-one we know has ever seen one in their toilet!

So come to Guam! The water is fine, the food is finer, and at BG Tours the entertainment is world-class!